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Latest News

VFR OPS: King Salmon

The Anchorage ARTCC welcomes you to another installation of VFR OPS. This time we are featuring the King Salmon airport on October 7th, 2015 from 2330-0230 Zulu (1530 AKDT, 1930 EDT). PAKN is located at the top of the Alaska Peninsula and serves as the gateway to this region of the state and Katmai National Park. Just south of the airport is the Naknek River, which is home to multiple seaplane operators. Come join us on wheels or floats for a fun evening of VFR OPS and as always IFR operators are welcome.

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VFR OPS: Bethel

Join the Anchorage ARTCC for VFR OPS, Bethel. We will be staffing up our airspace in the Bethel area for some bush flying on Wednesday, September 23 2015, 2330-0230 Zulu (1530 AKDT, 1930 EDT). Bethel is a thriving regional hub that provides service to 41 village communities and at times is the busiest airport in the state. Bring any aircraft you like and enjoy the view outside the airplane. IFR operators are welcome.

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VFR OPS: Kodiak

Come join the Anchorage ARTCC for VFR OPS, Kodiak. We will provide full tower and enroute services on Wednesday, September 9th 2015 from 2330 until 0230 Zulu (1530-1830 Alaska, 1930-2230 Eastern). All aircraft are welcome from Super Cubs to 767s and everything in between. Of course, VFR operators are the name of the game but IFR aircraft are welcome to join in the fun.

Our recurring events feature tower controlled airports, located in rural areas of Alaska. Whether it’s passenger, mail, cargo or emergency medical transportation, residents in bush communities require necessary services. Our featured airports serve as hubs that provide the essential link between small villages and the rest of the world.

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Announcing VFR OPS

The Anchorage ARTCC is pleased to announce a series of events that will add some excitement to our airspace for both pilot and controller alike. Most events on the VATSIM network are geared toward IFR operations, so we wanted to do something a little different. VFR OPS will be a recurring event that highlights the tower controlled airports within our ARTCC. The idea is to feature these airports in a manner that promotes VFR type flying. The size and type of aircraft is really up to the pilot but some of the planned airports even include waterways, allowing float operations. We will only feature a single airport during each event, so routing is entirely up to the pilot.

The featured airports will include Bethel, Kodiak, King Salmon, Kenai, Merrill, Lake Hood and Juneau. Initially, we will host the event every other week on Wednesdays and alternate the featured airport. The time period will be 2330-0230 Zulu each time, making the event 3 hours in length.

Minimum controller staffing will include at least one tower and one center position. However, the goal will be to provide as much service as possible, depending on controller availability. This is a good way for new controllers to work their way through ratings with a decent level of traffic. We hope that you can join us and help make this series a success for everyone in our airspace.