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Latest News

Canadian Crossing

Anchorage and Seattle ARTCC Present:
Canadian Crossing, every Friday from 0200z until 0600z
Each Friday between 0200z and 0600z, both Anchorage and Seattle ARTCC will light up Spokane, KGEG and Juneau, PAJN. Each flight, being approximately two hours in length, gives pilots the chance to flex their muscles across the northwest of the United States and Canada. With Spokane being a Class C airfield and Juneau being Class D airfields, it offers different opportunities to both the pilot and controllers then compared to flying into Anchorage and Seattle.
Both Anchorage and Seattle ARTCC look forward to seeing you cross Southern Alaska and Canada!

Events Director Appointed

It is with great pleasure I announce that Aidan Sandri has been selected as our next Events Director. He is chomping at the bit and ready to come out swinging to bring much needed excitement back to the Final Frontier! He has several great event ideas, so look forward to seeing a jump in activity as we get this place hopping once again.

Once Upon a Time in the West!!

This is the first part of the Western Region event series. Once Upon a Time in the West, will take place on Saturday, August 31st from 23:59 Zulu to 05:00 Zulu. We will open up Anchorage,Fairbanks and Juneau

Red Flag Alaska 2013

Virtual US Air Force will be hosting their Annual Red Flag Military exercise here in Alaska from Aug 1 to Sept 3. vUSAF along with vUSCG and vRAF will be conducting combat maneuvers at the Eielson Range Complex located in the Fairbanks airspace. Any civilian aicraft that will be flying in and out Fairbanks International Airport please plan your flights according as the MOA's will be active during the month of August.