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Anchorage <-> Fairbanks Crossfire FNO

The Anchorage ARTCC would like present Friday Night OPS featuring the Anchorage (PANC) and Fairbanks (PAFA) International Airports. Anchorage, Fairbanks and the rest of Alaska are stocking up for the cold and dark winter, so come help the locals out and transport some supplies and goods to the far reaches of the country. Join us for this busy event on Friday, October 21st, 2016 from 2345-0400 Zulu (1545 Alaska, 1945 Eastern).

Because our airspace is a large distance from the rest of the United States, we are going to fully staff Fairbanks International (PAFA). This will set you up for an excellent crossfire between Anchorage and Fairbanks, with plenty time to do the return leg.

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Deadliest Catch - St. Paul Island

Straight from the Deadliest Catch, the Anchorage ARTCC would like to present our St. Paul Island (PASN) event. The island sits in the middle of the Bering Sea and is a major support hub for the fishing industry in the area. Frequently featured on the Discovery Channels sitcom, the port services fishing vessels and is also major fish processing location. The weather is usually nasty, so it should be a good opportunity to practice those ILS skills. Short on time? Include St. George Island(PAPB) in your itinerary, which is just 35NM to the south.

Join us at the St. Paul Island airport for a fun evening on Wednesday September 21st, 2016 from 2345-0300 Zulu (1545 AKDT, 1945 EDT).

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Kodiak Fish Fry

Join the Anchorage ARTCC for our Kodiak Fish Fry event. If history is any indicator, the weather will be cloud filled and windy. Come test your IFR skills with us on Wednesday, August 31st, 2016, from 2345-0245 Zulu (1545 Alaska, 1945 Eastern). Located about 220 NM south of Anchorage, the area provides great views of the surrounding mountainous terrain and the nearby ocean.

Radar coverage is limited, so we will make sure you dont have a conflict with other aircraft but the cumulo granite is all on you. We timed the event so you can do an Anchorage round trip, if you want. Come join us for a fun and challenging evening.

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Midnight Sun

Anchorage ARTCC, Edmonton FIR and Reykjavik CTA invite you to join us for an arctic flight from Reykjavik(Keflavik) Iceland to either Anchorage or Edmonton. Iceland Air operates both of these routes, so come enjoy the polar beauty and the midnight sun in this unique event.
Because the length of the flight, we will be timing the event as follows: Plan on leaving Keflavik (BIKF) between 1700-1900 Zulu on Saturday July 30th and you should have ATC for the duration of the flight.

Reykjavik CTA - BIKF (1700-1900z) | BIRD (1700-2200z) | BICC (1900-2200z) Edmonton FIR - CYEG (2300-0100z) | CZEG (2000-0200z) Anchorage ARTCC - PANC (0000-0400z) | ZAN (2300-0400z)

Reykjavik local time is the same as Zulu. Alaska time arrival coverage: Anchorage ARTCC - PANC (1600-2000 AKDT on Saturday, July 30th) ZAN (1500-2000 AKDT on Saturday, July 30th)



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