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Latest News

New S1!

Congratulations to Brett Lee for becoming an S1! See you on the scopes!

Light Up America

VATUSA is excited to announce the return of Light Up America on Saturday May 17, 2014. This event will feature all 22 ARTCCs within VATUSA for 10 hours. 4 hours of which the entire continental USA will be lit up with Air Traffic Control at the Centers as well as Major Approach and Tower facilities. Enjoy uninterrupted ATC during the event. Simply fly between any airports as much you would like and enjoy the quality ATC Services that VATUSA facilities pride themselves on.

Every facility will be on for at least a 6 hour time frame with the East Coast facilities starting up at 12:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time. As the event progresses, the additional centers will log on at noon in their local time zone. By 3:00 PM all the centers will be online for you. As the event winds down, facilities will be encouraged to remain online, but must remain online until at least 6:00 PM local time. As they begin to close down, we will extend the event even further west with the Anchorage, Honolulu, and Oakland Oceanic control facilities coming online to work your Hawaii and Alaska flights! It will be a great day of flying for you.

Canadian Crossing

Anchorage and Seattle ARTCC Present:
Canadian Crossing, every Friday from 0200z until 0600z
Each Friday between 0200z and 0600z, both Anchorage and Seattle ARTCC will light up Spokane, KGEG and Juneau, PAJN. Each flight, being approximately two hours in length, gives pilots the chance to flex their muscles across the northwest of the United States and Canada. With Spokane being a Class C airfield and Juneau being Class D airfields, it offers different opportunities to both the pilot and controllers then compared to flying into Anchorage and Seattle.
Both Anchorage and Seattle ARTCC look forward to seeing you cross Southern Alaska and Canada!

Events Director Appointed

It is with great pleasure I announce that Aidan Sandri has been selected as our next Events Director. He is chomping at the bit and ready to come out swinging to bring much needed excitement back to the Final Frontier! He has several great event ideas, so look forward to seeing a jump in activity as we get this place hopping once again.